Monday, January 17, 2011

Transitions, four kids, and styrofoam popcorn...

Two months in...I still have hair and Lisa still has nerves. With four children running around from ages 4 (well Harrison turns four on the 18th) to 14 (almost 15 as Chandler has his birthday in March), a full-time job, a wonderful-beautiful-sacrificial bride, and whole slew of memories to build, they have already started. In this short time frame, the children have showed just how different each one of them really are from the other.

I'll go from oldest to youngest so that no one thinks I am playing favorites:

Chandler - our teenager. The consumate rockstar-drummer-I will eat anything that is flat and slides under a door (pizza, poptarts, pancakes, waffles, sandwiches, bacon, cheese, etc.). Chandler is really good with the kids and likes being the "big brother". He escapes to his room and plays his Roland set when he can. Otherwise, he hangs with his girlfriend, who loves Jesus, is busy getting his feet wet at KHS, and hangs at the house being a phenomenal big brother.

Haley - our 8 year old little diva. Haley is what Bill Cosby called in his classic standup routine "Himself" from 1982 in "The Same Thing Happens Everynight" is our Informer. Her favorite words are..."Guess what?!". She constantly informs us of what Spencer or Harrison has done wrong, have done to each other, or more than likely are about to do to each other. She loves playing Bella Sara online, building her dollhouse and is the only girl in the Cahooligan Crew, so she will both be boyified and spoiled as a girl. She is quite the talented artist as well. She has already had some art entered into the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and she is in 2nd grade!! She definitely takes after mommy.

Spencer - our 5 year old little screamer. He is a the schemer who is learning the difficult lesson on sharing. He believes that anything within his aura of 3 feet is his and if someone has it in their possession...well, it should be in his! Spencer's sojourn is one of lesson learning at this point...some of them harder than others. He can still peel wallpaper with his scream yet we know God has something special for this boy.

Harrison - our comedian/football player. How do you sum up Harrison? Let me tell a story. I walked in from work the other day and in the gameroom all over the carpet were these styrofoam peanuts. I asked the little ones to clean them up by putting them in the trashbag. I then walked to the bedroom to change and hug Lisa. Five minutes later, I walked out of the room to a trail of peanuts in the hallway, family room kitchen and all over the gameroom. It was as if the entire house threw up styrofoam peanuts. Lisa and I walked into the kitchen to talk about the day before we asked the kids to go throughout the house and clean up the mess when in comes, at full speed with a trailing Informer on his heels, Harrison with a large grin on his face and what looked like a loaded pair of pants. He giggled and then proceeded to flash us his diaper...both front and back...loaded with styrofoam peanuts! He had packed himself. I don't know if he wanted more padding, was planning on shipping himself somewhere, or what the motive was...but Lisa and I could do nothing but laugh. Chandler came in wanting to know what was so funny and he almost ended up on the floor in laughter.

So, there ya have it...the Cahooligans at a glance. More to come as we grow...In the meantime...this was our Christmas pic...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

My last entry.................

being single.

Last night at youth group prior to me speaking, Woody announced that it would be my last night to speak to them. He took a long pause and my stomach fell. I thought, " there some announcement that I haven't heard about yet?" Then he finished with..."his last time to speak to you as a single man." He announced that I would be married this weekend. The teenagers all cheered.

I had an amazing experience last night and a picture of God's grace in my life again. It is the little things that God does many times which brings a smile on my face. The message was on I Timothy 4:6-12. Timothy encourages us to be "discipline ourselves for the purpose of godliness." We talked about how discipline is a lifestyle change and that without a purpose in our lives it is difficult to change our lifestyles. I used dieting as an example of how people might have good intentions, but most people fail. I asked why and Chandler spoke up and said, "they lose interest". It was the perfect phrase and really opened up the passage in a way that I had never thought about before!

Why do we not live our life for Jesus? It is not because we struggle with consistency. That is just a symptom of the larger issue. We lose interest!! We lose interest because we struggle with consistency. We struggle with consistency because we have no purpose for godliness in our lives. Since we have no purpose of godliness in our lives, we do not change our lifestyles and "discipline" ourselves after the footsteps of Christ.

I am humbled that the Holy Spirit used my 14 year old to nail some truth down even when he might not have known it. The Lord took that little epiphany and weaved it in the meaning of the message. Let's not lose interest. How do we not lose interest? We must have a purpose for godliness that drives us to change our lifestyles to give God the glory for the things in our lives. What is even more incredible about this experience is that in verse 11-12 Paul encourages Timothy to speak up even though he is young.

Praise God for Chandler being obedient to his Word and speaking up at a young age. God is good!

On another note, this weekend is the wedding. I start a new chapter, book, etc. in my life with a beautiful, godly woman who is driven to godliness. What more could I ask?

Lisa, I will do the best I can to love you the way God has called me to love you. I will not be perfect and I guarantee you I will mess up on a number of occasions. Thank you for your grace. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for loving my boys. Thank you most importantly for loving the Lord. I see in your eyes that you truly want to live for Him. What a privilege I have in marrying someone who loves Jesus and wants Him to be the cornerstone of our relationship.

You are a blessing and I praise the Lord that He has put you in my life.