Saturday, October 25, 2008


Spencer's 3rd!!

Good news! No surgery. Bad news...I get to live with the pain in my knee for the rest of my life. Moving on....

Spencer turned three yesterday. We have come a long way since Texas Women's three years ago. What a time it has been. We had fun with some cupcakes and presents with just us (mommy, myself, Chandler and of course Spencer). He had a great time and wanted to blow the candles out about 4 or 5 times. I think that was his favorite part...along with getting a new Mack and other cars from Cars (the movie). 

Following all of the festivities, it was off to Broomball with Chandler and the Woodridge MS youth group. We drove down to the rink near Clear Lake and were there until midnight. It was hilarious of course, but I didn't get into the mix this time with my bum knee. I missed it. But, I got some good pics which I will post here soon. 

Christa is sick this weekend, so I am on daddy duty. Therefore...this entry will be short.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Saturday and Dewberry Farms

Saturday started with a feast for breakfast. We made pancakes and bacon...not the healthiest of breakfasts, but it fun nonetheless. After scarfing down our cinnamon/sugar pancakes and hickory smoked bacon, Chandler mowed the yard and Spinner and I played some cars. 

We all played outside together for a little while and then Spencer went down for a nap to prepare for Dewberry Farms. I cleaned my road bike up as I had not made the time to do that since the Bike to the Beach ride a couple of weekends ago and Chandler played with some neighborhood kids until the moment came to load the Quest and drive out to Dewberry Farms.

Once we arrived and made it through the line to get our bracelets for entrance, we chowed on some food and made our way to the haystack, big swing, rollerslide, pedal carts, corn shooters, etc etc etc.

At the end of the evening we met up with a large group from Sunday School and made our way through the cornfield maze. This was hilarious...I kept waiting for someone with a movie camera to come through filming a b movie horror flick. I held Spencer's hand through the dark interior as we walked through the stalks of crow food to the bridge to nowhere in the middle of the field. We climbed the bridge and gazed up at the endless amount of stars. You could not ask for a more beautiful night and weather. 

Following Chandler's hunting for rocks at the mill, we loaded back up and trekked back to the livable forest. Upon arrival, we crashed in our beds and I prayed that Spinner would sleep in a least to 7:30! Great day...wonderful memories.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's been almost a month...

This month has been a little crazy and I just haven't made the time to update the ol' blog. So I will do a quick rundown of the month's events.

The rides - I showed up for a good 102 mile ride through the Piney woods of East Texas the week before the MS ride only to have a major mechanical at the start with my bike. I had just checked everything out the night before. It turns out that my gear shifters had somehow incurred sweat from my hands and jammed a piece in the mechanism. Once it was fixed, it was like buying a new set. to the Bike to the Beach the following weekend from San Antonio to Corpus Christi. 

It was a great ride. 3500 cyclists out pounding the pedals for MS. I saw some very moving moments. Two people in particular up a pretty good hill on the first day...riding a recumbent and using their arms to pedal as they had no legs from MS. They rode all 160 miles this way...inspiring.

Work - This has been the most roller coaster year that I have ever experienced. In the almost 10 years of doing this, consistency is usually the biggest struggle of any recruiter. When you throw in an economy that is touchy, a housing market that is dead in a number of different areas of the country and the fact that 90% of the people that I place are relocations, well...consistency is more than a challenge. God has been good as usual. He dropped a retainer in my lap in July and hopefully this week, I will close that deal. Keep is not done yet.

Family - Chandler has had a great year at Creekwood so far. He is enjoying theater, cooking and he loves his AP History class. I am a blessed dad to have such a great son. Spencer will be three this coming Friday. I am still blinking my eyes to the day he came into our lives. He loves to laugh and play with the hot wheels and yesterday, for the first time, really started enjoying playing with a basketball! Chandler was playing catch at 6 months old. They are so different yet so great together. 

Christa is basking in the backwoods this weekend in TN at a Tai Chi retreat. She so deserves this and I wish it could be an entire week for her. She sent me a picture of the cabin. It overlooks a nice wooded area with a creek flowing through. It must be so peaceful.