Saturday, October 25, 2008

Spencer's 3rd!!

Good news! No surgery. Bad news...I get to live with the pain in my knee for the rest of my life. Moving on....

Spencer turned three yesterday. We have come a long way since Texas Women's three years ago. What a time it has been. We had fun with some cupcakes and presents with just us (mommy, myself, Chandler and of course Spencer). He had a great time and wanted to blow the candles out about 4 or 5 times. I think that was his favorite part...along with getting a new Mack and other cars from Cars (the movie). 

Following all of the festivities, it was off to Broomball with Chandler and the Woodridge MS youth group. We drove down to the rink near Clear Lake and were there until midnight. It was hilarious of course, but I didn't get into the mix this time with my bum knee. I missed it. But, I got some good pics which I will post here soon. 

Christa is sick this weekend, so I am on daddy duty. Therefore...this entry will be short.

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