Saturday, October 10, 2009


I have this disturbing habit of blinking. The problem with this annoying little action of mineis that it brings about the speeding up of time! I blink and Chandler is 13 (14 in March!). I blink again and Spencer will be four in just two weeks. I blink a third time and I am already two weeks into my new job and I feel like it has been an eternity since my life in executive recruiting. Weird? Odd? No. This is life.

Turning forty in the spring not only proved to me that physically I no longer can strive physically like I could in my twenties, but it also has taught me something extremely useful. Time does not stand still. It keeps going whether I want it to or not! As I allow this to seep into my my inner most thoughts, I want to savor each and every moment that I have in this life that God has blessed me with now. 

So, back to blinking...

Spencer woke up at 2:30 due to a nightmare, I can only presume. Instead of walking around with him all over the house until he finally settles down as I have in the past, I lifted him up and placed in our bed. He went right back to sleep within thirty seconds. The innocense put a smile on my face. Listening to his little breathing and seeing him curled up in fetal position reminded me of Chandler ten years ago. There goes another blink. Twenty years ago, no one could have told me that I would love two boys and a wife this much. Those same people could never have convinced me that I would love these three more and more each and every day.

Blinking brings about the passage of time. Not blinking dries my eyes out. It hurts. I guess I will have to continue with this horrid habit of mine. It does bring wonderful memories.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Beginnings....

Seven and a half years ago, I embarked on a journey. This sojourn has been quite the challenge and I find it coming to an end. The bitter-sweet feeling that invades my emotions doesn't bring conflict, like I thought it would, but instead relief and "what if" questions. 

I know that right now attempting to answer those questions would only make the situation more challenging. 

Changing careers again at 40 brings about more than just new things. It will hopefully birth a new road of discovery and success for years to come. I believe that I am ready for this, but only time will tell. 

Shutting down Wexford will not be an easy task to do as it was mine from the get-go. But, this move is for my family. I want to have a job that I can do and come home at night. This position not only puts that on the table, but many other highlights as well. It will be a BIG transition and learning curve to say the least. Is is one that I not only welcome, but will tackle head-on. 

For those of you who still read this, even though I haven't kept it up to date, I will post some parts of this new chapter in my life as time permits. So, check back from time to time. 

Oh....and yes, the hilarious picture is of Chandler, Brandon, Greer, and Brian. These guys are hilarious together. 

I am such a blessed daddy and hubby. Thank you, Lord for touching my life.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We blinked...

It amazes me how time does fly. Watching Chandler grow into a 13 year old not only makes me feel old, but makes me wonder where all of the time has escaped to since 1996. Did someone hit fast forward. I feel like Adam Sandler in that remote control movie. I woke up one morning and Chandler has blackish fuzz under his lip as Spencer closes in on 4 years old! Reminders fly by each and every day to spend time with my boys and enjoy the journey with them while they are under my roof. A dad. I never knew it could turn out like this, but I get it. My love for my boys is so big that my heart aches at times.

This lesson continues to show me how much God absolutely loves me to the point of hurting for me. Amazing...yet true. Overwhelming? Yes. Understated? Of course. Challenging? You bet. Worth it? Every laborious moment!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Scary times...

It amazes me where we have come as a country. I spoke to my father recently about some business issues and he reminded me of a truth that is quite unfortunate: Greed will prevail. Another truth to add to that is the biblical truth of reaping and sowing. What we sow we will reap. If we sow greed, we will also receive the consequences of that greedy behavior. The situation in our country beams with this example. The greed of the 90's .com, telecom, IT, etc. boom busted. Follow that up with the financial markets/housing boom from 2002-2007 and now that bubble has not only burst, but it has shown where the real "ponzie" scheme has existed. Our own financial markets were not only fake, but so greedy that they took advantage of the less fortunate. They built up false hopes and dreams of what most people really couldn't afford. They sowed greed. They will reap years of distrust and the average American will struggle now for years to come as the stock market continues to attempt to find the "bottom". I predict that the market will be stagnant for another 5 years or so before beginning to incrementally grow again. The shattering of hopes and retirement accounts will bring many people down and unfortunately kill a lot of dreams. Not only that, but the stress level in this country will rise and people will begin to do some pretty stupid things.

I hope and pray that I am wrong about this, but two things really are true: Greed does prevail and what we sow we will reap. The reaping has begun with 15 years of sowing greed. Praise God that He does not have the word "wooops" in His vocabulary. His soverignty will prevail and He will lead us if we trust Him.

Monday, February 9, 2009