Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We blinked...

It amazes me how time does fly. Watching Chandler grow into a 13 year old not only makes me feel old, but makes me wonder where all of the time has escaped to since 1996. Did someone hit fast forward. I feel like Adam Sandler in that remote control movie. I woke up one morning and Chandler has blackish fuzz under his lip as Spencer closes in on 4 years old! Reminders fly by each and every day to spend time with my boys and enjoy the journey with them while they are under my roof. A dad. I never knew it could turn out like this, but I get it. My love for my boys is so big that my heart aches at times.

This lesson continues to show me how much God absolutely loves me to the point of hurting for me. Amazing...yet true. Overwhelming? Yes. Understated? Of course. Challenging? You bet. Worth it? Every laborious moment!!

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