Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Suicide Varments!

I normally would not just put a pic of myself, but this is a friendly reminder to watch out for suicidal/kamikaze squirrels. Oh sure, they look cute and all, but they have ulterior motives or as some might agenda. It all began on my evening training ride. I strolled out of the driveway to get in 20 miles of hard TT training with the goal of staying above 21 mph most of the way minus some of the sharp turns. 30 minutes into the workout, I am on a long straight hunkered down and hammering away at the pedals when I saw him. He jumped from a tree next to the left side of the road just past the Bear Branch pool. He hit the ground in a full spring B-lining it for my front wheel. I was somewhat in the middle of the lane, so a nudged the handlbars to the right to steer clear of the crazed animal. Did he respond to this by slowing down or turning away? No...of course not! He adjusted his attack instead, bared his head downward and picked up speed for the front of my Schwalbe kevlar tires on my Time Edge Pulse machine. Determined to take me out he jarred himself under my front wheel. My wheel did the rest...SNAP! I heard his back break and due to the location of where he threw himself, my sled threw him straight up in the air into my face! My right hand rose to the occassion attempting to get the furry creature out of my eyes. Meanwhile, my left hand, still on the bars, overcompensated and steered me straight into the curb. At 23 mph, I was thrown from my carbon fiber steed over the bars into someone else's front yard hitting head first, then shoulder, arm, right hip and knee. I could hear the helmet give and pop when I collided with the earth. As I rolled over to survey teh damage to myself and my ride, all was okay minus a large amount of turf, some blood and the need for a new helmet. My two-wheeled fitness machine lay in the grass wiht shifters needing readjustment, grass hanging from the derailers, shifters, and chain. Turf hung from my helmet, dug into the side of my Lance Armstrong cleats, and stood out from under my bib shorts. I noticed about ten feet behind me two little cocked eyes. He laid there on the concrete about five feet in front of the mail box. He flailed in a circular motion as if laughing at me. He kicked his little paws in the air one last time, breathed his last and lay there lifeless. Squirrel dead. Bike okay. Me...well, a little bruised, battered, but will ride again another day. At least this squirrel didn't wreck me into the concrete!

So, bewared of suicide/kamikaze squirrels while you are riding, training or just out for a stroll. You never know when they will attack!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Where's Waldo, Hot Rod Sneakers, and Bang Bang on the Drums!

Following Frontline last night (KBC's youth group), we all went to Wendy's. I took Spencer, Harrison and Haley and met up with Chandler and the rest of the teenagers as Lisa had to run a quick errand. I sat down with Harrison and Haley as Spencer plopped himself down next to Chandler and Alexandra and some other teenagers from the group. The little toy in all of the kid's meals was a Where's Waldo poster that was 2D on one side and 3D on the opposite side. I took it out and put it on the floor and handed out the 3D glasses for Harrison and Haley and it was like a kid in a candy store. It drew a small crowd. Spencer was next, then Casey, Jacob, etc etc etc. They were quite excited about the 3D poster to say the least and it was a nice breath of fresh air as this toy, which will bring hours of enjoyment, isn't electronic! Hee hee. Quite hilarious and fun.

One other quick tidbit...Spencer received some new tennis shoes via our visit to Target on Friday. They are converse low-tops with flames on the side! I saw them and then prayed that they would have some in his size. Lo and behold they did! Once those babies were attached to his feet, he took off testing their speed of course. He looked straight up at me and said, "These make me really really fast!" I smiled and laughed as I told him to take off again and test the speed one more time. I absolutely love this age. Fun doesn't really describe the joy that comes from being a daddy.

I came through on my promise to Chandler. He finally decided on a drum kit. The church will house it as it is an acoustic set. We don't need to wake the dead, neighbors, etc in the neighborhood. The set journey's from Manhatten starting today. He found a used set online through Guitar Center. The shipping is cheaper than tax! Gotta love it. Beside himself doesn't describe his excitment level. What was the promise you ask? Well, as many of you know, this year has been quite trying for him and the rest of us. When he made it through 8th grade with all that went on this year, I surprised him and told him that I would buy him an acoustic set. It is going to be held in the youth room at church since that will make more sense from a sound perspective.

Stay tuned...