Saturday, October 10, 2009


I have this disturbing habit of blinking. The problem with this annoying little action of mineis that it brings about the speeding up of time! I blink and Chandler is 13 (14 in March!). I blink again and Spencer will be four in just two weeks. I blink a third time and I am already two weeks into my new job and I feel like it has been an eternity since my life in executive recruiting. Weird? Odd? No. This is life.

Turning forty in the spring not only proved to me that physically I no longer can strive physically like I could in my twenties, but it also has taught me something extremely useful. Time does not stand still. It keeps going whether I want it to or not! As I allow this to seep into my my inner most thoughts, I want to savor each and every moment that I have in this life that God has blessed me with now. 

So, back to blinking...

Spencer woke up at 2:30 due to a nightmare, I can only presume. Instead of walking around with him all over the house until he finally settles down as I have in the past, I lifted him up and placed in our bed. He went right back to sleep within thirty seconds. The innocense put a smile on my face. Listening to his little breathing and seeing him curled up in fetal position reminded me of Chandler ten years ago. There goes another blink. Twenty years ago, no one could have told me that I would love two boys and a wife this much. Those same people could never have convinced me that I would love these three more and more each and every day.

Blinking brings about the passage of time. Not blinking dries my eyes out. It hurts. I guess I will have to continue with this horrid habit of mine. It does bring wonderful memories.

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Joyce Breckenridge said...

Oh, Mike how awsome is your insight! I look back on our 45+ yrs. and can't believe all that has happened and it went so quickly! Tom II will be 45 next yr! I just hope the Lord will give me a few more good years! Blessings!