Friday, May 21, 2010

Welcome Back!

It has been a long time. So much has happened. All I can say is, God is so good and his mercy, grace, and sovereignty is so far reaching. Each day I am reminded just how much God not only loves me, but that He is not done with me.

I am going to be keeping this blog up more often now to share what is up with myself, Chandler and Spencer on an ongoing basis. Summer should be interesting as I am a single daddy now. Chandler will be quite the traveler heading to Panama City, FL with the Dodgen's, Keller to see Aunt Vickie, Covington to fish and hang with Mimi and Papa, Clear Lake to fish and hang with Grandpa and Grandma, and of course two weeks at Frontier Camp.

Spencer will be quite busy as well soaking in another summer of MDO, swim lessons and I am sure a ton of cycling on the greenbelts with Danielle, Laura, Madeline, etc.

I plan on taking a trip myself for a week. It will be good to get away, bring my Time and hammer away on the pedals in some hills, mountains or where ever else I sojourn.

This weekend will be encompassed my a lot of mulch, paint, and boxing things up as we declutter the house, get the flowerbeds looking somewhat nice, etc, so that our home starts to look like a home again.

In the meantime, the pic at the top is of Chandler and Spencer at our most recent Slip-n-Slide event in the front yard a couple of Sunday's ago. This has to be one of the best pictures I have taken of the boys in a while. They are growing up and I am so blessed to watch that and be a part of that everyday.


jessicabeck said...

welcome back. :)

i'm sorry to hear that your family has been disrupted. i know what that's like, and i've clung to god's promise this past year that he has plans for us, that we have a future and a hope. i'm heartbroken for you guys and for our family, too, but recently god has given me some peace and is showing me a different kind of home.

no one has said anything to me in 18 months that has healed my heart. it hurts in unique ways, each person in the family, but it gives me some kind of human comfort to know that we have the same father to heal us.

just wanted to say, really, that i'm sorry, that your family isn't alone, and that i'm praying for you guys.

Edward said...

Hello mike! Have wondered what became of you since you got your new job with group health insurance. Hang in and drop me a note sometime. Best regards from your old insurance agent, Ed.