Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's been almost a month...

This month has been a little crazy and I just haven't made the time to update the ol' blog. So I will do a quick rundown of the month's events.

The rides - I showed up for a good 102 mile ride through the Piney woods of East Texas the week before the MS ride only to have a major mechanical at the start with my bike. I had just checked everything out the night before. It turns out that my gear shifters had somehow incurred sweat from my hands and jammed a piece in the mechanism. Once it was fixed, it was like buying a new set. to the Bike to the Beach the following weekend from San Antonio to Corpus Christi. 

It was a great ride. 3500 cyclists out pounding the pedals for MS. I saw some very moving moments. Two people in particular up a pretty good hill on the first day...riding a recumbent and using their arms to pedal as they had no legs from MS. They rode all 160 miles this way...inspiring.

Work - This has been the most roller coaster year that I have ever experienced. In the almost 10 years of doing this, consistency is usually the biggest struggle of any recruiter. When you throw in an economy that is touchy, a housing market that is dead in a number of different areas of the country and the fact that 90% of the people that I place are relocations, well...consistency is more than a challenge. God has been good as usual. He dropped a retainer in my lap in July and hopefully this week, I will close that deal. Keep is not done yet.

Family - Chandler has had a great year at Creekwood so far. He is enjoying theater, cooking and he loves his AP History class. I am a blessed dad to have such a great son. Spencer will be three this coming Friday. I am still blinking my eyes to the day he came into our lives. He loves to laugh and play with the hot wheels and yesterday, for the first time, really started enjoying playing with a basketball! Chandler was playing catch at 6 months old. They are so different yet so great together. 

Christa is basking in the backwoods this weekend in TN at a Tai Chi retreat. She so deserves this and I wish it could be an entire week for her. She sent me a picture of the cabin. It overlooks a nice wooded area with a creek flowing through. It must be so peaceful. 

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