Sunday, October 19, 2008

Saturday and Dewberry Farms

Saturday started with a feast for breakfast. We made pancakes and bacon...not the healthiest of breakfasts, but it fun nonetheless. After scarfing down our cinnamon/sugar pancakes and hickory smoked bacon, Chandler mowed the yard and Spinner and I played some cars. 

We all played outside together for a little while and then Spencer went down for a nap to prepare for Dewberry Farms. I cleaned my road bike up as I had not made the time to do that since the Bike to the Beach ride a couple of weekends ago and Chandler played with some neighborhood kids until the moment came to load the Quest and drive out to Dewberry Farms.

Once we arrived and made it through the line to get our bracelets for entrance, we chowed on some food and made our way to the haystack, big swing, rollerslide, pedal carts, corn shooters, etc etc etc.

At the end of the evening we met up with a large group from Sunday School and made our way through the cornfield maze. This was hilarious...I kept waiting for someone with a movie camera to come through filming a b movie horror flick. I held Spencer's hand through the dark interior as we walked through the stalks of crow food to the bridge to nowhere in the middle of the field. We climbed the bridge and gazed up at the endless amount of stars. You could not ask for a more beautiful night and weather. 

Following Chandler's hunting for rocks at the mill, we loaded back up and trekked back to the livable forest. Upon arrival, we crashed in our beds and I prayed that Spinner would sleep in a least to 7:30! Great day...wonderful memories.

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