Friday, September 26, 2008

Work and the Bike...

Work has been pretty frustrating since August. It is a good thing that I ride my bike. It is a therapeutic way to deal with the stress. This year has been interesting with the housing market in the toilet, it is difficult to relocate people. This is definitely the most challenging market I have experienced since being in the world of executive recruitment. I still have time to hit my minimum goal for the year, but I am running out of time of hitting what I really wanted to do.

This brings about some stress as it is challenging at times to keep spirits up for sure. I had a horrible thing happen this week as a candidate of mine came down with cancer and obviously pulled herself from contention on a position that she was about to have an on site interview. This is awful as the cancer has run in her family. Bad for my biz, but I can always get back on the phone and find more candidates. My heart just broke for her and her family, so Christa and I are definitely praying for her as she will start chemo soon. The wind is a little out of the sails today as my heart is a little heavy. This is why I decided to take a break and blog about it. Keep Jeanie and her family in your prayers.

The bike definitely helps. Next weekend is going to be nice as I embark on the two day MS 150 Bike to the Beach from San Antonio to Corpus Christi. This weekend I will do some long rides to train and get that last bit of training in before I hit the road next Friday for the Hill Country. Tomorrow morning I will ride about 40 or so miles and then Sunday I will do 100 miles in the Lions Club Biking for Sight ride out of Montgomery. It is a great tune up ride that I have done before...good hills and great support.

The challenge this week started on Sunday afternoon. Christa and I went to the Humble Blood Center and I gave blood. Probably not the best timing with only two weeks to go at the time before the Bike to the Beach, but I felt like I needed to after the hurricane. I am O-, so I am the universal blood type. Therefore, whenever I go, they ask the inevitable...either double red cell donation or red cell and double plasma. This time it was double red cell. When they do this, the donor can not give again for 4 months instead the normal two. It really takes a lot out of you. I attempted to ride the next morning on my trainer and bonked 30 minutes into it. I was exhausted all day. I quickly adjusted my diet to something rich in iron and high in protein (spinach and chicken salad every night this week!). I have also had about two yogurts every day, oatmeal every morning and tuna at lunch. This has helped a ton as yesterday I hopped on my TT bike and went all out for 30 minutes, did 11 miles and felt great afterward. I will know more as I get to mile 50 or 60 on

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Chad and Rebecca said...

I will be praying for Jeanie. I know the frustrations of business. We found out today that one of our clients died. He had a heart attack. His son passed away last week after being shot in the head in Longview, Texas. I think the stress of losing his son caused him to go into cardiac arrest. My husband was just at the funeral last Monday and said that James looked great under the circumstances. We also have money tied up in the money market and we can not get access to it. We are praying that when Washington comes to an agreement on the bail out we will see some of the money again. We also hired a new sales rep and they start on Wednesday. It is just like you said in your post today that it is a challenge to keep your sprits up! Oh, a little side note, I am 0- too. Both of my children are as well. Good luck on your ride, I know that Christa is so proud of you and you are very fortunate to have such a loving and supportive wife!