Monday, September 1, 2008


Having a Monday off is always a nice blessing. Being able to get out on the bike for a quick 4o mile ride is even more of a blessing. I took out my anniversary present this morning and was blown away at the speed in a pack of riders. My max was 34 mph...yes...that was on a straight, not a hill! Unbelievable. All in all we did about 42 miles and we ended up averaging 21.5 mph. It was a blast. 

Yesterday was FFL (Fantasy Football League) draft day. It is always a lot of fun and great camaraderie between all of us ribbing each other non-stop about pics, etc. Last night we were greeted with a bonus as our good friends from Austin were in town and dropped by for a glass of wine. Amy and John are always a blast to have over. We pick up right where we left off everytime. I just wish they were closer, so that the picking up was not so far between each other.

It will be a busy week this week as Spencer cranks back up Mom's Day Out, Chandler begins week 2 at CMS, and I will be getting ready for a wedding this weekend. Not to mention the normal cold-calling in a normal day. 

Gustav has hit land and has missed mom and dad in Covington...Praise God!!! They will get some wind and rain, but nothing like Katrina from 2005 for sure. Now the big prayer is that the levees will hold in Nawlins. 



Dawn said...

Are you doing Courtney Osterberg's wedding this weekend?

Mike Cahill said...

Nope...Jessica Jackson's. I didn't even know Courtney was getting married! That is great. Tell her that we said congrats if you are going.

Chad and Rebecca said...

I read your blog today and enjoyed your playlist so much that I kept it on to pay bills to have some great oldies on there (You Can Call Me Al...I really thought I was the only one in the world who liked that song and I love the video with Chevy Chase even better). I forgot all about that song Elijah...beautiful! I remember you used to sing to me "Old Enough To Know" by Michael W. Smith. I will have to share that with my own daughter one day. Great songs!!