Saturday, May 17, 2008

Good start to the day today...

I started my day today with a friend of mine. We left the humble abode at 5:30 for Katy and rode in the Pedaling the Prarie 2008 ride that benefited a Christian school out near the Katy area. We did 35 miles. It was much more tame than the 55 that I did last week with my Paisano crew where we averaged almost 22 mph.

Following the ride and drop off at home, I went up to the gas station to fill up the ol' Pacifica and gas cans for the lawn mower and weed eater...$76 later I am headed back home! These gas prices are just stupid.

Tomorrow we head out to my dad's house to hang out with everyone before my sis and fam move up to Keller. We will definitely miss them down here, but it will be pretty cool to go see them, ride the horse, jet ski and whatever other toys they end up coming up with.

I get to clean out the big tank later on today and will start getting the tanks ready to receive fish in the workout/fish room. The bike needs cleaning as well and then at some point, the lawn will need to get chopped as well.

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