Sunday, July 25, 2010


Blessings come in many shapes, sizes, moments, and memories. Privileges do as well. And lately, my blessings and privileges have taken on the same look, experience and joy.

Last weekend, I was given the privilege to lead worship while our music pastor was on vacation. I have led worship many times with students, but never with adults in my life, so I was a little nervous. Connie and Tracie stepped in and aided me in with backup and harmony and I was quite thankful! God blessed in a huge way. My friend, Dave Mugge from HI Summer Project (1989) came to visit with his family the same weekend, so he and I did a song together and Chandler accompanied on the drums! This was a huge privilege and an incredible blessing. I was surrounded by a great and talented friend and my extremely talented 14 year old son. What more could I ask for on that morning?! This memory will last a lifetime. Oh and for those wondering...we did the DC Talk version of In the Light. was pretty good.

Having Dave and his family here was great. We ate a lot of good food of course (Chuy's, NY Pizzaria, and Pei Wei) as we couldn't let them experience Htown without some good TexMex. Great times with Dave. Great talks and catching up. Dave, you have a wonderful family. You are always welcome. Just show don't even need to call!

Lisa and I have been having a ball together. Now that her kids are home with her, we have kids everywhere when we are at my house. It can get quite entertaining. Spencer is learning the art of sharing. I am in a relationship that is both a privilege and a HUGE blessing. I can't brag on Lisa enough. She is extremely special. On top of that, she wants to learn how to ride!! Now to get her a bike.

It is also quite amazing the friends that God surrounds you with on an almost everyday basis. Madeline...thank you! She shows up at 6:20 so that I can get on my bike and go ride 55 miles. Amazing. It was a great ride and I was blessed again on the ride as I ran into a great friend that I haven't seen in quite some time, John Hull. Wonderful man of God and incredible encouragement from him and his family. Sooo, another blessing from riding a bike! I think that can be my new motto: Bikes Bring Blessings! I like that! Hee hee.

Last night, Audrey - the adopted big sis of my boys - came over to babysit all four of the kids! read that correctly. Lisa and I went on a date and had a great time. She really is amazing. We just enjoyed each other's company. We talked, ate some good Tex Mex, listened to the storm come through, and watched Despicable Me. Yes...I nodded a little bit and Lisa was very gracious. I had ridden 55 miles in the morning, we rearranged the gameroom to stage it, and it was a late night the night before. She gave me a bad time...which I deserved, but she thought it was "cute". The best part came when we were going in to buy tickets! The gal behind the register asked us if we wanted the "college" discount! HA! She thought I was in college. I laughed hard and showed her my ID. She busted out and couldn't believe I was 41. Made my night for sure! Lisa thought it was hilarious as well....of course she gets this all of the time because she does not look 32. She looks like she is in her 20's still. I, on the other hand, well............let's just say it was a first for me! What a blessing to be in a relationship with someone who is crazy about you and you about them. We laugh, we smile, we love on the kids, we laugh at the kids....great memories and even more to come for years down the road.

Privilege? You bet! Blessing? Hands down. I have a feeling that these could last this way for a long time. That in and of itself is both of those as well.

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