Friday, September 3, 2010


One year. 365 days. 8760 hours. 525,600 minutes. This amount of time will have passed on the day I say I do. Whoda thunk that in 31,536,000 seconds a healing would take place that would surpass what I would ever conceive?!

Numbers do not define the Lord. Unfortunately, man defines healing by a certain amount of time. It takes a certain amount of time for a cut, bruise, broken bone, torn muscle, etc. to heal and then it can be used again. Our hearts, I have been told our heart is no different.

Thank goodness we serve the Lord who created our hearts, knows how to heal our hearts and has His own "timeline" that He takes care of Himself. The story of Lisa and I starts at this point. The Lord has taken a shattered heart, destroyed dreams, fearful future, and crushed confidence and replaced it with a healing heart, driven dreams, fondness for the future, and a confidence anchored in the work of Jesus Christ.

The fact that I stand at this point today details God's handiwork in my life. What an exciting time to live life and live life abunduntly. Lisa and I will officially start this new chapter (really it is a new book in a totally different section of the library!) on November 6th in Conroe at her Grandmother's house. Chandler agreed to be my best man. I can not think of anyone else I would want by my side than my son. What he has gone through and how the Lord has brought him through it is truly astounding. He and Lisa have bonded and that alone is an incredible blessing. All of the kids will touch some aspect of this wedding which is fantastic.

The Lord deserves all praise and glory. We plan to give it to Him in our lives, relationships, and of course our new family. God is so good. His ways are not mine. His thoughts are beyond mine. His work is not my work. his blessings are His grace that I will never deserve. I stand in awe of Him. I look forward to a new life with a beautiful bride who is a wonderful godly woman that loves Jesus and wants to serve Him. I love you, Lisa. I look forward to all of everything.


Jerrell Williams said...

Mike we are so thrilled for you guys and are buying our tickets today! I also really liked the song that played on the blog, please pass the name on...
I am looking forward to meeting Lisa!

Nichelle said...

I must be emotional today, I read this and cried, at work. Thankfully I'm the first person here.
Truly beautiful. I am so thankful for the wonderful things God has given you.
The worst time of your life, you have come out of the darkness and into a brighter light than I have ever seen in you.
Good luck, with everything!
(I LOVE that Chandler is goin to be your best man, no one better!)

Lindsay said...

Congrats, Mike! Life can deal some rough blows, but having someone wonderful to share it with is a blessing from God. :-) Best wishes to you!