Thursday, September 9, 2010

God's hand and the waiting for His wings...

There is just something about youth ministry that I still miss. The teenagers? Of course. The changed lives? Definitely. Being who God created me to be? Without a doubt. It reminds me of those little sponges that we played with as kids. You know the ones. They were in little plastic things that looked like...well...pills! They would be placed in warm water and they would break free from their case and become some sort of shape. A duck, a boat, a car, a space ship, etc. This is how the Lord is with us. He has created us to give Him glory. He has given us gifts and talents to use for Him. When we break free from the distractions of life, we can be molded into what He has created us to become. I know that I will never get the chance to be a full-time pastor again (no pity parties please), but I do pray that I can use my gifts and talents for Him in ways that I haven't yet. I don't know what that looks like nor do I know how that will come to fruition. Only He does. Now it is time to bask in Isaiah 40:28-31 and rest, wait, and allow Him to energize me and give me new wings, new talons, etc so that I can rise up, spread those wings and move forward with the next part of my life. God is so good to me. I praise God that He still uses me for His purpose. What a privilege.

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