Friday, June 27, 2008

Daddy duty weekend has officially kicked off. Christa headed out with Nina for a weekend of girly girl stuff, so Chandler, Spencer and I went to the local Black Light Mini-Golf and had a ball. Spencer was a little tentative at first, but he eventually found that it was pretty cool that his socks were now a bright purplish color under all of the blacklights...woobie glowed as well being that he is a dalmation (that is his blanky).

On the border was next...I cheated and ate some fish tacos (they were fried - yep...I will have to pedal that off later this weekend somehow!). Chandler had the beef quesadillas and Spencer had some grilled chicken (he ate the healthiest of all three of us!).

Off to Family Christian Bookstore after that in order to get the new Kutlass CD for Chandler and a devotional for him as well. Spencer brought home Dave and the Giant Pickle on DVD.

Off to bed when we hit the door was the two year old after two or three readings of a few board books.

The only bummer to the day is my tailor! Yep...I bought a nice new suit for a video that I am shooting for my company website and my tailor has lost the pants!!! I know these things happend and she is a wonderful lady, but the timing couldn't be worse. She said that she would pay for another pair, but I don't think Joseph A. Banc sells them individually, so this could get really interesting before it is all over.

Time to go hang with the older sibling for a while and then off to the workout room for some saddle time!

The pic is of Chandler dreaming by 'Bumble Bee'...the new Camaro from the Transformers movie at the Houston Auto Show back in February.

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