Monday, June 30, 2008

This weekend...

Christa finally got away with her bud, Nina for a girls weekend out. I hung out the boys all weekend. So, no cycling, but that was alright. Friday night, we went to black light mini golf as I stated before. 

On Saturday, my Grandpa and Grandma Jan came over with Pappa's BBQ for lunch. We all hung out. Chandler and Jan looked at cars in some mags and pics online. They discussed how fast cars go and of course their dream cars. It was great to listen to. We all laughed at Spencer of course doing his...well...Spencer things. 

That night, it was off to church to meet the new possible youth pastor at our church. Seems like a good guy. Played some dodge ball, etc. 

We went to church yesterday and Chandler had a friend come over for the day and spend the night last night. Christa got home around 5...just in time for Spencer to be excited and then throw a 2 year old fit b/c he wanted to play with the hot wheels track the boys weren't finished building yet! Welcome home, honey!!

We are staying in Kingwood for the 4th for the first time since I can remember. It will be a busy week at work though. Shooting a video...more software training, shooting a video for the website and attempting to get in a lot of cold calls before the holiday hits. 

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