Thursday, June 26, 2008

Today will be major catch up day as yesterday's 2 hour training turned into more like 3 1/2 hours after having an email snafu. Now that the email situation is under control, it is back to the phones.

Last night was a flashback moment for me as Chandler had a friend spend the night and they built a massive hot wheels track all night long. I went to bed around 1 a.m. and they were still actively engineering that puppy. I woke up this morning and it entails two rooms of track, 6 chairs, three colors of track and three hot wheels boosters. This is quite the work of art. 

I am way behind on my workouts this week on the bike. With the new software at the office, I have been transferring resumes into the system during all of my downtime...which of course when I would normally be training on the bike in the workout room. 

On a different note, for July 4th, we will be home for the first time since I can remember instead of going to Covington. Looooong story, but with Spencer going through his terrible 2's, the last thing Mimi and Papa need right now at the B&B is a screaming two year old when he doesn't get his way or just can't figure out how to communicate what he wants to.

The picture above is one of my favorites. We went to Disney World in 2005 when Christa was pregnant with Spencer. It is a classic of Chandler with his new 'buddy' Stitch. Geeeee...wonder where he gets it?!

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Dawn said...

So did you take pictures of that super-awesome sounding race track?

By the way, I have one of these things too. Had to get one for one of my classes but I update it like never.