Thursday, June 10, 2010

How blessed and talented...

Chandler played again at Frontline (the youth group) last night and really tore it up. This time, I have video to prove it. Incredible for only 14 and playing for one year. I plan on downloading the video as soon as I have a few minutes to do so. He is quite the talent. 

I gave the talk last night at Frontline. It was the first time up there in 8 months. I was so blessed to have the opportunity. It is what I was created for as I am really in my element in front of teenagers. I love it. I miss it. I will take every opportunity I get to share Christ with a group of students.

The house is slowly but surely getting ready. Lisa has done a fantastic job painting. Chandler and Lisa did some work together on Tuesday and the construction guys left the other day and finished some things that needed to be fixed up. Now it is finishing up painting, decluttering, and deciding what to sell! It looks like we will do an estate sale...or something that resembles an estate sale next weekend. Stay tuned for more information and a video of Chandler!

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