Friday, June 18, 2010

Winds of Change...

I have heard this saying many times..."The Winds of Change are blowing..."

I think as this year continues to roll along, it becomes more and more apparent of what that means in my life. Shocking things happen in life. Most of the time to other people and we all never believe that we are touchable. Then we are steamrolled and realize that we are not only touchable, but that we can hurt, be in ruthless pain, and realize that not only can we be hit life's interesting turns and be effected by other people's choices, we also can allow that change to be like Joseph. "What you meant for evil...God meant for good."

This passage has become more and more important to me as of late. The Lord continues to show me that my glass is half full. I am so blessed with two incredible boys. Yes, Chandler is 14 now and so close to college it is just scary, but he is growing into a man quicker than I can even admit to myself. Spencer is 4 and will be 5 soon. He will be going to pre-school in the fall and I am blown away at how well he is doing right now.

In my own life, the winds of change mean being a single daddy to these two boys and building a relationship with someone that I never would have imagined. These are all good things and I see that now.

For those of you continuing to pray for the Cahill Crew, please continue...we still covet your prayer support and need it. The glass is half full and as the winds of change blow through, I have this feeling that the glass is going to overflow as that is just what the Lord does.

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