Sunday, August 17, 2008

Full Weekend

The weekend started with a great friend of ours giving Christa and I a night out, basically 24 hours, to ourselves. I booked a night at the JW Marriott right next to the Galleria. We had dinner at The Melting Pot and then went to a local dive to watch the Olympics and Phelps win by a nose hair in the 100m Butterfly. 

We woke up the next morning to breakfast in bed. It was really nice as we ate eggs, bacon, fresh fruit, and great coffee from Starbucks downstairs. From there, we went to the Galleria, people watched, and got into a lengthy and fun conversation with one of the shop owners. He was a great person with terrific stories from his past as a high school band instructor in Lousiana. He now owns a store in the Galleria that is a specialty shop in martial arts weapons, crosses, etc. He also does a lot of repairing of different items ranging from knives to hair products! Pretty talented and wide-ranged guy. 

From there we went to grab some grub and watched the US upset the Chech. in Water Polo. What an amazing and tough sport. We also saw Taylor Phinney get destroyed in the cycling track pursuit. He is still very young and will be a force to be reckoned with in the future...he has the genes from his dad, Davis Phinney (one of the first Americans to win a stage in the Tour De France). 

We arrived home at around 4:30 to a spirited home. Christa and I were exhausted and went to bed at around 8:30. Chandler and Greer (one of his best buds) hung out and probably didn't go to bed until...well...who knows?! 

I took Chandler, Greer, and Spinner to church this morning. Today was my last Sunday of teaching Chandler's class before someone else takes the reigns next weekend. Christa and I are joining an adult class this year. It will be really good for us as we re-connect with the adult world. I still plan on helping out on Wednesday nights as well as trying out for the Christmas show. 

Chandler is signed up for baseball and has tryouts coming up on Tuesday night this week which will make this fall rather insane between baseball, TKD, church and me involved in the Xmas show...sleep will come at some point!

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