Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Last night was a lot of fun. I was asked by Renee (Master Battenberg) to help her with Saftey Net Kids at my church, Woodridge Baptist. We were expecting around 30 kids. When we arrived, a few stragglers showed up. But, in classic Kingwood fashion, the flowed in around 10-15 minutes late and we ended up with nearly 50 kids and there parents. The room was packed. We had a great time. She taught the kids how to show confidence and defend themselves in different situations with strangers (what we adults would call predators nowadays). It is always such an empowering time. 

Chandler came with me and brought a friend. He took some pics for Master B and helped hand stuff out. He later commented to me that he was really glad that he joined me in this and was able to be a good black belt example to all of the kids. Most of them were 5-9 years old. The perfect age. Chandler is so good with kids. I can definitely see him teaching some day.

I got a lot of looks from some of the members that knew me as they had no idea I was even in Tae Kwon Do. The great part about this is that almost every person that knew me came up to me and asked more questions about self-defense, TKD, or the POWER program (great program that we do to teach women how to defend themselves - basically rape prevention). I was encouraged that people felt comfortable to come up to me and ask questions. 

Great night!

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