Wednesday, August 6, 2008

TS Edouard, Cuz's and...yes...another Movie

On my Saturday ride, I usually hang out with the group at Starbucks. It is a great time to just hang out with the guys that I just hammered 60 miles with on a bike. This past Saturday was a little different. I didn't think I would have time for 60 miles, but did it anyway (with Christa's blessing of course). We finished in under 3 hours. Instead of Starbucks, I kept riding home hoping to catch them in time. dad and Jan were dropping off Chandler, Evan and Sydney (Evan and Sydney are my sis' kids). Sure enough, pedaling my Tarmac up to the turn of my house, there is my father's Denali in the driveway. I could not have planned it any better...twas a God thing. 

Needless to say, watching these three in action is quite entertaining...especially once you throw Spencer in the mix. We've watched Chandler's eels eat bloodworms, played a constant game of Need for Speed Most Wanted on PS2, made pizza, had burgers on the grill and constructed a fort in the game room of sheets, blankets, chairs and clothespins while watching Spongebob. 

I witnessed some of this yesterday as I stayed home from work waiting for TS Edouard to get "bad". It never did, so I didn't get any work done minus a few phone calls early in the morning. So, today will definitely be catch up day on the phone.

Christa and Sydney painted fingers and toes, watched a chick flick and went to a couple of stores yesterday afternoon late. So, I took the boys last night to Journey to the Center of Earth 3D. It was actually great. The 3D part was outstanding as I had no idea it was going to be in 3D until we arrived at the theater. 

Tomorrow we head up to Keller (Ft. Worth), to go see my cuz, Jennifer, graduate with her PHD in Viola Performance from UNT. It promises to be a great celebration. We head back early evening on Saturday as I get the privilege to baptize Chandler on Sunday morning at church. What a blessing as a dad. I am still humbled and thrilled that he asked me to do it and not one of our pastors. How cool is that?

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