Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The child was cracking us up last night when I came home from work. He would line up across the room in our game room/media room and say, "Two...GO!" Then he would take off and run right for me. I was sitting on the carpet waiting for him to mow me down. He would run right at me and 'tackle' me. I would roll to my back and then spring back up again (heck of an ab workout by the way!). He would then laugh almost uncontrollably back to his takeoff spot, and do it again. I lost count how many times we did this. 

His new favorite buddy is his new Nemo and Mickey that we bought him at The Disney Store over in the Woodlands. Chandler and I went to go see Hancock on Saturday out there. We went to the mall, ate some grub, and saw a sale at The Disney Store...2 for $20, so we bought a Mickey and a Nemo (Nemo was Chandler's idea and it turned out to be the hit!).

When I came home for lunch yesterday, Christa and Spencer were sitting on the couch together and they had just put Finding Nemo into the DVD player. Spencer was all curled up in Mommy's lap along with Wooby and Nemo. 

Chandler spent the night at a Brandon's. He was there all day as well not arriving home until after nine. Needless to say, he was quite tired. 

As far as the recruiting world goes...I had a candidate going in for an interview yesterday, but they didn't make the interview. Apparently the story is a car wreck. I need to do some more digging. As terrible as this sounds, I have had candidates lie to me about this kind of stuff just because they didn't want to go on an interview. In one instance, I had a person fake being in the hospital in the city of where their interview was supposed to take place! The way I found out that one was false was when I called the said hospital that they claimed to be in to see how they were doing and the patient information line said that no one had checked in with that name. I then checked the phone record of where the person had called from....yep...their home phone (which was in a totally different state!). They never left to go to the airport for their interview! I found this out when I called the hotel that the person had supposedly stayed in the night before and they stated that she never checked in to their room. Ever since this experience, I am leery of the 'car wreck'/accident excuse. 

Today is a new day. I am glad that it ended on the note of a laughing two year old running into my arms. That put a smile on my face.

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