Saturday, July 5, 2008

Yearly TT...

I rose this morning and prepared for the yearly TT (Time Trial) with my fellow Paisanos and Red Tide cycling clubs. We meet at Ike Park just outside of Summerwood. The course is a little over 3 miles and has a tough uphill at the end of the course. By that time, the lactic acid is absolutely burning in the thighs and calves as you push and pull on the pedals. Last year, my fitness was at a much higher level and I was about 10 lbs. lighter. I finished fourth. This year, my goal was just to finish in the top 10. Both of our groups are faster as well as have had a few strong additions to our crews. Well...I wasn't too disappointed. I was only 6 seconds slower than last year...7:34...I am not sure what place I attained as they will be posted later, but I was pleased that I probably ended up in the top 10.

I am now chillin' in front of the tube watching the first stage of the 2008 Tour De France. Most people think it is boring to watch. To me, it is fascinating. It is chess on two wheels and one of the most misunderstood team sports out there.

Spencer is learning his new sit-n-spin that mommy bought him for a mere $7 at Wal-Mart. He loves it. He also likes to mimic Chandler mowing the lawn with his bubble blowing lawn mower. He mows strips of carpet in the game room and is quite thrilled with the job that he does.

Chandler had another friend over last night. We are going to head out to the mall later to run some errands and possibly see a movie.

Tonight is double date night with Rick and Nina. We are heading out to the Woodlands to eat at The Melting Pot and then who knows?

The pic above is a pic from about a year and half ago. It is of the group that I ride with, the Paisanos. We had just beat the Red Tide in the Team Time Trial. I'm the one in blue/yellow.

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