Sunday, July 27, 2008

Frontier Camp and Movies

We went to pick up Chandler yesterday from Frontier Camp. He had a total blast and said that it was the best of his three years at Frontier. His favorites were horseback riding and the skatepark. He learned how to ride a skateboard, so now he is ready to go it alone at home. 

On our way home yesterday, we stopped off at the Moosehead Cafe in Crockett with Tom, Vickie, Evan, Syd, Davis and Davis' mom. It was great and I have a feeling will become a new tradition as well. Following this was a stop off at Fish R Us to pick up a few big fish for the big tank. Great additions and will hopefully temper some of the aggressiveness.

Chandler is pooped and it will probably take a week or so to recover from his activity at Frontier Camp. Spencer is done as well. So, today should be an interesting day. We are headed off to the Y today to possibly re-join as a family.

Christa and I saw Dark Knight and Get Smart this week. They were both great. I am still amazed at the acting job Ledger did with Joker. I heard a person say this week that it wasn't that he did a good performance as much as he totally disappeared into the character of Joker...very well said. 

Get Smart was great. It didn't quite capture the TV version, but was still rather funny. I liked what Carrell brought to Maxwell Smart. He wasn't Don Adams, but then again...who is besides Don Adams?

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The Graziano Family said...

You have a beautiful family!
Chet is so glad that you guys reconnected recently.
Thanks for all of your encouraging words. Baby makes 4 very soon!
Janis & The Graziano Family