Friday, July 4, 2008

Video Shoot...

Yesterday morning, I met up with my two web designers for my company's site and we shot the welcome video. I still do not know if this is going to look good or look hokey. I guess I will just have to see. The rest of the site is starting to look much better than what I threw together. It is much more flashy (no pun intended of course...since we are using flash). It took about 30 minutes to set the room up and get a camera that had decent sound. It would have worked better with an actual microphone, so we will have to see how it looks in the final cuts. We shot it in front of a green wall and are going to have either a background behind me or my logo beside me. 

After that, I met up with Christa and Chandler to see Wall-e at lunch time. It was cute. I don't think I was as wild about it as I was about Cars and Ratatouie (sp?), but it was still good...very 2001 Space meets Disney...all that was missing was naming the computer Hal. 

Today is the 4th. God Bless this country that we live in. I praise God that we live in a country of freedom. We are having some friends over for lunch. I am BBQing fajitas and ribs. We are also going to just hang out and chill...probably play some cards and watch the kids play. We were going to hit the parade, but it looks like Chandler and his friend stayed up too late last night (2:30 a.m.!!), so they are just now starting to move around a bit. I might get on my Mt. bike and take Spinner out there for a little fun. 

I did get in 40 miles this morning on my bike fresh back from the shop this felt good to be back on the saddle after a week off. It is amazing what you lose in a week. Tomorrow is our yearly TT (Time Trial). There should be about 20-25 of us. I just want to finish in the top 10! We have had some very strong riders join our group over the last year, so I don't think I will get fourth like the last time out. It is also the start of the Tour De France!! Woohoo. 

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Amy said...

Spencer is such a cutie!